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So I finally started watching Supernatural season 6...

So over the course of winter break, I've been trying to get caught up on my television watching.  I have the entirety of Supernatural season 6 saved on my hard drive, and finally got to start watching.

Okay, so is it wrong that Weekend at Bobby's has just become one of my favorite episodes ever?  Because it did!  I loved seeing an episode from Bobby's point of view.  I loved seeing how he had to pull an all nighter to help Sam and Dean, and how he had to put his questioning the demon on hold to help them.  I loved his breaking into the library to get the book he needed to help them, and I loved how Dean didn't even listen to all of the different ways to kill what they were hunting.

I loved Rufus.  Just because.

But my favorite part of the episode, bar none, was Bobby's phone call with Sam and Dean.  He said so many things that I have wanted to say to those two.  I love them, but they are everything Bobby said they were, especially from Bobby's point of view.  If we can't poke fun at/criticize the characters we love, what's the point, right?

I enjoyed plot things about the episode as well.  I love that you can kill a demon by burning their bones.  It fits so well into the show mythology, even though this episode totally kills a fic I started about a month ago about Crowley when he was a human.  I don't care because I actually found the scene where Crowley took his bones strangely touching.

I also enjoyed the glimpses of this season's plot that snuck into the episode as well.  Dean worrying about Sam and how he's changed, and monsters turning up places they never have before.  Crowley taking over in Hell might have some interesting implications as well.

Overall, this episode has recharged my interest in the show, and made me excited to keep watching.  I'm excited to see where the show goes again.



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