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Late to the (Sherlock BBC) party.


Okay, so I know everyone else has already done the whole Sherlock flailing thing, but I haven't and so I am doing it now.

Have just finished watching Sherlock episodes 2 and 3 in one sitting.  Episode 2 was fun, but OMG episode 3.  Love it!  I need to read fic about these characters.  Stat!  Preferably something about how when Sherlock saw that bomb strapped to Watson he freaked out.  And then there is sex.  Yes.

Because I love Sherlock Holmes and Watson in general, but I think I have just fallen madly in love with this particular Sherlock and this particular Watson, and I love their relationship, and the fact that their love can be loud and proud in modern London.

Also, I love Mycroft.

Sherlock Holmes fic in general has become my main source of reading material lately, but I haven't read too much Sherlock fic as I was afraid of reading spoilers.  But now I'm going to go find fic to read.  And somehow I have a paper due tomorrow, and yet I really don't want to work on it because instead I want to mainline Sherlock fic like until the wee hours.

Blah.  School.

In other news, I have not watched ANY Supernatural from this season yet due to school slowly taking over my life.  I am sort of avoiding my friends list in case I read spoilers.  I plan on having a marathon Supernatural binge after finals are over.

And let me not even get into how behind I am on NaNo.  School is eating my life so I can't write, I can't watch my shows, and I can't read fic.  Alas!  The life of a student.

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Sherlock is definitely flail worthy!

Oh, it totally is! Is it wrong that my reward for turning in all my paper this week is watching Sherlock...again? Because if that's wrong, then I don't want to be right.

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