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NaNoWriMo woes
So it's November again, which means NaNo has officially begun. I currently have 825 words, and I'm starting to feel discouraged. I know I won't pass 50k this year, but I'm okay with that. I just have too much going on. I guess what I'm getting discouraged about is the fact that I'm too busy to really enjoy November. I have so many papers, and other obligations that I'm just swamped.

I'm happy to be a student again, but sad that I'm too busy to enjoy it.

Okay, whine over.

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keep your head up, lovely girl. just focus on a little bit at a time. I've begun making daily to-do lists, otherwise I get overwhelmed!

I'm doing the daily to-do lists too! I'm finding that it works pretty well at helping me stay slightly less stressed. Huzzah!

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