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Top 5 favorite movies
So, I spent the evening hanging out with a friend of mine and making lists of our top five favorite movies. My list (in no particular order):
1. His Girl Friday.  People who like good movie dialogue need to watch this movie.
2. Lord of the Rings, which totally counts as one looong movie.
3. Lilo and Stitch, because I was not a Disney princess growing up, I was Lilo.
4. The General, starring Buster Keaton. Yes, it's a silent movie. And it is awesome.
5. Die Hard. Just because.

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Oh man.. it's terribly difficult to pick only five! and the following are not in any order, nor have I given them a lot of thought!

1. The French Connection: it is a classic.
2. Disney's The Lion King: I had a connection with Simba when I was little.
3. The Departed: A+ cast and the plot is incredible. It gets better after every viewing.
4. The Godfather: again, a classic. what can I say?
5. The Wizard of Oz: a children's classic, brought to life.

ALSO FOR NOTE: On the Waterfront, My Fair Lady, LOTR, The Sting, the first & second Pirates, An American In Paris, Casablanca, Star Wars (the original trilogy)...

Also, I miss you. E-mail me.

^I obfuscated, I did give it some thought. like, twenty minutes of thought. and regarding number two, I don't care that The Lion King is basically Hamlet in the jungle, it's still amazing. Which also brings to mind that Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the play should be on the list because my god it's brilliant. as should Harry Potter #1!

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