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So I finally watched SPN 6.21 and 6.22
And I have absolutely no idea what to do with those two episodes.

I don't think they fit into my head canon very well, which is unfortunate because they were episodes of the show and so are clearly canon.  I really, really, desperately want the Lord Chuck to show up within the first half hour of Season 7 to zap Cas back to being just Cas and banish him to Earth or something.  This would be awesome because:

1. Chuck!  I miss Chuck.

2. It fixes Cas and lets him bum around with the Winchesters some more, which he clearly needs to do.

The relationship between Dean, Cas, Sam, and Bobby is pretty much the only reason I watch the show.  It got me through RoboSam, it got me through the dropped plot lines, it got me though the (temporary) death of Crowley, and I hope it will get me through the beginning of Season 7.

HERE'S THE THING THOUGH (bear with me because I'm tired): From all my years of watching Stargate, I'm totally used to plot lines involving characters that randomly get possessed by evil things and claiming that they are (false) gods.  As often happened in Stargate, a goa'uld would possess a character and claim to be, say, Hathor, and demand that everyone bow down to them.  Teal'c would get his bitchface on and call them a false god, Daniel would explain the mythology of the false god, and everyone would work together to save the possessed person from the evil thing possessing them.  And, usually in the third act, the goa'uld would be extracted, everything would go back to normal, and life would go on.  Usually all within one hour of television.

So, assuming that Cas is possessed (or drunk on power) in some way from the purgatory monster souls he absorbed, the rest of the characters simply need to extract those souls from him and then go out for burgers.  Chuck seems like the best candidate for the purgatory-extraction, but I'm not picky AS LONG AS IT HAPPENS.  Cas needs to become Cas again.  Fast.  Stargate could do it in an hour.  I know SPN isn't quite as cracky as Stargate, but I'd like them to move on this ASAP.  (I just don't think they will.  If Cas is the big bad of next season, I'm pretty sure I'm done with the show.)

Oh, show.  You know I'm not happy with a season's plot arc as a whole if I'm hoping you become SG1.

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(I just don't think they will. If Cas is the big bad of next season, I'm pretty sure I'm done with the show.)

Yeah, I just don't want an actual war between Castiel and the boys. But we know how this show is. It's usually "kill the thing!"

So true! Although they're also pretty good about letting people find redemption, at least if they're family. Or, well, Dean is good at that anyway. Sam drank demon blood, chose a demon over his brother, started the apocalypse, and said yes to Lucifer. But Dean's still there for him. So Sam's a special case because he's *Sam,* but one of the themes that kept cropping up all season was Family (with capital letters and everything).

I really want the show to keep developing that theme next season by having Sam, Dean, and Bobby work together to try to save Cas from himself, but I don't think that will happen. After all, the show made it pretty clear that Dean's definition of family had extended to Lisa and Ben, and yet he seemed perfectly capable of dropping them For Their Own Good. (Although the speech he gave to them after their memories were erased was heartbreaking.)

I just... Am not pleased.

What happened to Team Free Will this season, seriously? I hope Cas gets redeemed.

But also, even if he does, I'm not looking forward to however long God!Cas sticks around. Because if he is hopped up on souls, it's not really him. It was like a switch was flipped, you know? I mean, even Sam with the demon blood was still Sam, just willing to do darker things. Cas is just different.

Exactly! This Cas is so completely foreign from the character of Cas that they've spent several seasons creating that I honestly don't know how to react to him except with confusion. Team Free Will Cas would never have commanded people to bow down to him, or partner with a demon, or seek to suppland the God he spent an entire season searching for. Overall, I'm just... Confused.

I'm kind of hoping for a Deus Ex Machina solution to the whole OOC Cas in which the real God shows up, smites Cas for his hubris, and reminds him who he really is, the most loyal of all his angels. (As long as he doesn't smite him too hard, of course.)

It just doesn't seem like Cas. I see nothing of Cas in what he was in the last scene of s6. I don't see development. I don't even see how we're supposed to think he'd want those things. I do see how he was at the end of his rope in S6, but as for wanting to replace God, um, no.

I'm also hoping that Cas is *supposed* to be messed up on souls, however, I have the sinking feeling that we're just supposed to think the power has gone to his head, because power corrupts or something. I hope he's possessed/affected by something from Purgatory.

Me too. During the hiatus, I'll be clinging to my "purgatory as goa'uld" metaphor (which I realize only works with a grounding in SG1 mythology), but overall out of all the available options, I'm rooting for possessed!Cas. Because the character development does not support this new, power-hungry, false God version of Cas at all.

Which would mean that something is possessing Cas which is possessing Jimmy, which is complicated but salvageable.

Well, there is the basis for Purgatory possession, like Bobby's lady friend was something that came from Purgatory. She said it was lucky that only *she* got out last time.

I think Jimmy is long gone, LOL.

Good point! Maybe something so horrible and powerful that it can possess and angel got out this time. (Grasping at straws?)

And sigh. I miss Jimmy. Or at least show acknowledging that Jimmy existed. Oh well.

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