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SPN 6x19 squee of joy!

I should be working on papers that are due this week, but instead I just watched the last three episodes of Supernatural.

I have comments about how much I loved My Heart Will Go On (Ellen!!  I've missed you!!) and Frontierland ("We're gonna Star Trek 4 this bitch.") but those comments will probably never be written because omg Mommy Dearest.

Oh, show!  You did exactly what I wanted you to do!  Crowley is back!!  And he's working with Cas!

I have to admit, I really thought Crowley was dead, and I was disappointed because it seemed like such an anti-climactic way to go. And then I got sucked into the Eve storeyline and thought she was the Big Bad this season, but all the while the Big Bad has been working behind the scenes! With Cas!

Also, "I was never in your ass." You just keep telling yourself that, Cas.

Another thought: I liked it better when Eve was appearing as Mary, because I think she's a better actress, and also because I love it when Dean and Sam get all protective about their mother. I'm just saying.

And next week looks sooo incense. I love it when my characters start developing shades of grey. I love it even more when they realize they are changing and start questioning it. Squee!

So clearly I am not coherent right now, which makes this the perfect time to write 20 pages on skin cancer prevention techniques. Because nothing says "page turner" like skin cancer prevention.

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I also gave SPN 6x19 a shot since Mark Sheppard tweeted like crazy after the East Coast air time. :D I loved Eve as Mary & am a bit annoyed it was such a small part. Not surprised with the show's idea of women but hey, a change would be nice one of these days. I also really liked the return to a Dean who knows what he's doing & is cocky as hell with his sarcasm defense.

I have not yet seen Tron legacy and it is KILLING ME. How could I not have seen it?? It was in theaters months ago! I shall borrow it from my brother and keep it forever and it shall be mine. Until he makes me give it back.

I am now officially all caught up on season 6, and after last night's episode I like the entire season much more. Everything that made me go "wuh?" makes much more sense now.

I also loved Eve as Mary and wish they had done that much earlier in the season. Eve = the mother of all, Mary = the mother of Sam and Dean, so it wouldn't have even been that much of a stretch. And Dean being smart and cocky as hell was welcome. He's been sort of off all season but I'm glad he's back now.

I'm actually looking forward to next week, especially because it looks like it is going to be a Cas-centric episode of angst. And I love Cas angst.

Basically, show has won back my confidence. Huzzah!

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