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Real life = meh. Fandom = \o/
So I think I'm finally back in the land of livejournal.  This past semester has been horrible beyond the telling of it, for non-academic reasons.  My (now ex-)boyfriend moved in with me at the end of last semester and everything went to hell.  He's moving out in 6 days, and I am literally counting the hours until he does.  While he has been living here, I literally haven't written a single word, which is a big fucking deal.  Writing is my barometer of sorts.  It tells me how I'm feeling even if I'm not sure myself.  When I'm not happy, I'm not writing.  And I really don't want to write any more about this, so I won't.

I've finally started writing again.  This is a very good sign, because for a while there it felt like I had forgotten how.

I'm still polyfannish.  Lately I've been reading SPN (still), Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes (book canon), and I've recently discovered the Inception fandom and oh hi there.  I have so much back reading to catch up on I don't even know where to start and that's just fine with me.  I love getting to know a new fandom.

I'm also watching Castle like crazy, but haven't felt the need to search for fic.

So that's it.  My first update since January.  Yay!

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My darling! ♥

I didn't know you hadn't written a thing while the Manfriend was inhabiting your abode. :( I will count down the hours with you. & we shall then be able to talk in full about everything.

Inception fandom is so pretty & lovely, though most of the first wave has jumped ship for H50 it seems. The kink meme is still going strong however.

It is my hope that despite the real life drama, the academics have not suffered & you are still doing well! :)

Yup: I didn't write a word while ex-manfriend was living with me. I think it's because the very first thing he did the first morning he lived with me was read my journal cover to cover. It should have been a sign really.

And academics are mostly going well, except in one class. I need to talk to the professor because I absolutely need to bring my grade up to a B. (It's at a C now. Ugh.)

And my parents keep telling me I need to watch H50, but I haven't yet. Maybe over summer break.

So sorry life is meh. Manfriend sounds like a tool.

Also, exciting TV - Game of Thrones! How can you resist Boromir!?!

Manfriend was (and is) the worst, worst thing that could possibly happen to my life when it did, and my grades in one class are tanking because of him.

But! Game of Thrones looks fantabulous! It also has Ronan! So clearly I have to watch. But alas, I have no HBO. I have a friend that has HBO though, so I think I shall be bumming it off her or something. Is it fantabulous??

Also, did you decide to go to the reunion??

A. Yes it is fantabulous! (It has lotsa sex and death)! And Also - Dinklage!

B. Yes, I did decide to go to reunion!

Have fun at the reunion! I decided not to go because I will be in summer classes then (blah) and because I have no money. Woe.

But you'll be in Philly! Depending on the timing, you could swing down to DC and we could hang out. Wooo!

..Just a suggestion :)

No, it's a real consideration of mine. I don't have work until Wednesday - so I've got the front half of the week after reunion free. How are you from May 29th-May 31st?

You know, I don't have anything on my schedule then. I will be in classes this summer so I may have homework, but other than that I think that's it.

Huzzah! We must hang out!!!

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